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I did my PSA for bicycle helmets on facebook last night but I thought I would add it here as well…

I took a  bad fall off my bike last night…I hit the road hard. Lots of road rash, bruising, strained muscles and a mangled thumb. My head hit the asphalt. Hard.

I really hate wearing a helmet. I hate the way it feels, looks and what it does to my hair.That said, if I hadn’t been wearing my helmet last night I might not be home checking out blog posts today. I hit that hard.

WEAR YOUR HELMET. Every time you get on your bike. Just wear it.

I am going to be a very colorful girl for the next several days, but I earned my road rash badge. And no permanent damage.

A bright Drunkard’s Path variation from Pat – digital design Asti by Keryn Emmerson of Kin Quilting – Superior Omni thread in light gray and Hobbs 80/20 batt



Barb’s bed runner…custom, freehand. Hobbs 80/20 with Superior Omni thread in Sandbar and taupe


Barb’s traditional and beautifully pieced top…digital design Gypsy Feathers from One Song Needlearts. Hobbs 80/20 batt and Superior Omni in light taupe



We had another tiny earthquake here in West Michigan…very strange. Tornado warnings. Got it. Blizzards. Yep. But earthquakes? Even tiny ones are just strange to those of us in Michigan.

Laura’s cross-stitched frog quilt. Hobbs 80/20 batt and Superior Omni in Green Glass and White.



Donna’s strippy, nine patch. Digital design Aztec Wave by Patricia Ritter. I just love the colors in this quilt!


I also got my sister’s snowman wall hanging quilt quilted and half bound…just gotta turn that binding and it’s done :-)


Quite a battle for best piecing and pressing going on in the studio over the last couple of days!

First Carol’s mystery quilt…digital design Gypsy Feathers from One Song Needlearts – Superior Omni thread and Hobbs 80/20 batting



And next – Janet’s sashed rectangles – Superior Omni thread in Sandbar and Hobbs 80/20 batt – digital design Curly Weave by Karen Thompson.



Beautifully pieced, beautifully pressed. Makes for a sweet couple of days in the studio :-)


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