I even have the binding applied…and there was much rejoicing ;-)

Superior Omni Ginger and Sandbar, black and Pine threads with Bottom Line in the bobbin. Hobbs 80/20 batting. All freehand.

You can’t see the quilting in this pic, but I thought you might like to see the whole thing






Pumpkin progress…

All of the backgrounds are done and some of the light detail in the appliques…the sash and border are in progress and yes, I have officially lost my mind. Anyone who has read this blog for over 20 minutes knows that I am not an “over-quilter”. I do not know what came over me with this quilt…I think with all the e2e quilts lately I needed to flex my freehand muscles for a bit. And those muscles are not a bit happy. Thankfully, I have a yoga class tonight!





This top was made for me by my beautiful and talented cousin Felice…she knows of my fondness for all things Autumn and for pumpkins…it’s been awaiting quilting for a few years now and this morning I decided it was time to put it on the machine and play…The piecing/applique pattern is called Great Pumpkin Block of the Month.



So far I have the background of the top panel portion of the quilting done…this one is going to take a few days ;-)


on Grand Illusion quilt – This is the best I can do to show the quilting. Not a great pic…The digital design is called Shale by Keryn Emmerson. I like the swooping swirl. It adds spin to the blocks.


On the machine today…

Kathy’s Grand Illusion quilt. This is the Bonnie Hunter mystery for 2014. Unfortunately I cannot get a good photo of the quilting on this one, but it sure is a pretty quilt! Look at all the color!


Mary’s little wall hanging – simple freehand quilting


In other news – New lights in the studio! Wow, what a difference! Chief Mechanic installed new lights over my machine. The housing looks like reg. florescent fixtures, but the light is like sunshine.


Chief Mechanic had installed these in the laundry room a couple of weeks ago to replace some horrible, humming florescent lights that I have hated since we moved here, but it’s a basement laundry room…no reason to replace them as long as they are working. One started going out and knocking out the breaker so we replace them with the above lights and boy oh boy! Instant on, no hum and  nice daylight/sunshine light. So even though the lights over my machine were fine (instant on, no hum) I requested he replace them with the LEDs.

If you are unhappy with the lighting over your machine the fixtures aren’t pretty by any stretch, but the light is wonderful and they are inexpensive.

Yes, another one of mine…simple, textural quilting – Hobbs 80/20 batt Superior Omni and Bottom line threads





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