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I have been thinking of writing about the business of longarming for a while now. It pokes into my brain occasionally while I am mindlessly doing heavy background fills or when I read a post to a site where a person is asking what they should charge for this quilt that they just finished quilting for a client or how to explain to a client that their quilt will be late.


I almost never respond to those posts because all the things I can think of to say are things that should have happened BEFORE these issues come up.

A little background – I am in my 14th year of running my longarm business. Not once have I delivered a quilt late. My clients know before they leave the studio when they will be getting their quilts back and how much it will cost. On two occasions I did give a range of cost due to the unusual nature of the project. As I AM human, I know that I am far from perfect in the running of my business. The things I will talk about in this short series are things that have worked for my business over the years. Some of these things may not apply to your business or may have to be adapted, but my goal here is to help you run the business end of things effectively and efficiently.


I should have the first part ready by next Sunday and I encourage you to ask questions in the comment section. I will answer them either in the comments or in a later blog post.




Pat’s pink baby quilt – digital design Ginger Flower – Hobbs 80/20 batt and Omni thread


And Marcia’s bright and sunny quilt – digital design Malachite – W&N batt and Omni thread



Two for Janice –

Digital design – Cleopatra Feathers – Omni thread – client supplied batt


Low volume log cabin – digital design Exotic Vine – client batt and Omni thread


Jill’s t-shirt quilt – digital design Celebration – Hobbs 80/20 – Omni thread


Sheri’s bright pieced quilt – digital design Swirls R Us – Hobbs 80/20 – Omni thread


Marcia’s baby quilt – freehand quilting – Hobbs 80/20 batt and Omni thread


Ardella’s patriotic quilt – digital design Star Spangled Banner from Wildflower Quilting – Hobbs 80/20 batt and Omni thread


And Bette’s pieced tulip quilt – digital design Hip Square from Lana Corcoran – Hobbs cotton batt and Omni thread



Two sweet, little wall hangings – Freehand quilting – W&N batt – Omni threads


Fresh and pretty

Winnie’s sweet star quilt – digital design Phoenix from Lorien Quilting – Hobbs 80/20 batt and Omni thread in light turquois


And Kathy’s little pieced wall hanging – freehand quilting – Hobbs 80/20 batt and Omni thread in Cream


Lap quilts

Two lap quilts for Kathy

Sweet little 9 patch with digital design Mandarin from Keryn Emmerson – Omni thread in white and Hobbs 80/20 batt


And maple leaves with digital design Circus from Anne Bright – Omni thread in pink and Hobbs 80/20 batt


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