Beth’s African fabrics quilt…



Off to visit Aubrey tomorrow! Have a great weekend :-)

Beth’s African fabric quilt…a bright, colorful quilt for a cold, rainy Weds…custom, freehand and rulerwork



Off the machine…

Kim’s baby quilt…custom, freehand quilting, Hobbs 80/20 batt, Superior’s Omni and Bottom Line in white



Kim’s  cute DSCN0783baby quilt…


Kathy’s Christmas Stars – custom, freehand quilting. Omni white and light gray threads. Hobbs 80/20 batt


I picked up a new (and very tiny and inexpensive) gadget at a quilt show I visited last weekend. There was a Gammill dealer there and I always stop at the Gammill booth so I can see if I “need” anything. I DID need some more bobbins, which they had. Yay! I keep telling myself I have enough bobbins…then I have to grab three or more with the least amount of thread on them and pull it off because I don’t have any empty bobbins on my thread rack.

Anyway, they had several small clear plastic bags each with two shiny, silver pellets in them but nothing on the bag to indicate what they were for. When I tried to pick one up all the the other bags came with it. Ah…magnets. Still. What for?

Come to find out they are Needle Alignment Magnets. Oooooookay. Becky from the Gammill booth explained they stick to the eye of your needle when you put a new one in so you can be sure it is in straight. And then she demonstrated. Genius!

Magnetic Needle Alignment Magnet

I don’t know about you all, but I have noticed that my eyes just aren’t seeing that needle as clearly as they used to. I have been using a pin in the eye to hold the needle while I turn the set screw, but I am never really sure it is truly straight. I used this little magnet the other day when I changed out needles and it worked beautifully. So much quicker and I was confident that the eye hole was straight because I could see quite clearly that the magnet was straight. I imagine if you like your needle canted slightly to one side it would be very helpful to be able to see the degree of the turn.

They come two in a pack so you could get one and share one with your best LA friend.

It probably seems silly. Such a little thing, but I thought I would share anyway. It’s made a difference to me and now I don’t bitch nearly as much about LAs not having a flat sided needle shaft like my domestic does ;-) And how often do I find something that improves my work life for only $4!




I have about half the background and all of the borders to do…think I will get it done today?





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