Mine! (I did three for me this week!!) But I only have a photo of this one so far…


Digital design Rhythm by Patricia Ritter – Superior Omni thread in Willow – Hobbs 80/20 batt



Off the machine today…

One of my own! I wish the color had come out better in the photos. That’s not really a sick yellow. It’s a lovely shade of celery green-ish.

Digital design Rhythm by Patricia Ritter…I LOVE the texture of this :-) Superior Omni thread in Willow and Hobbs 80/20 batt




Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!


Diane’s Fade Away quilt – piecing pattern from Modern Quilt Studio – digital design created with IQ geometrics – Superior Omni thread in Harbor Sky – Warm and White Batt



Off the machine today…

Two baby quilts for Lyn…Black and White and Green – digital design Marmalade from Patricia Ritter and Leisha Farnsworth – Superior Omni thread in green – batt unknown type



And a floral flannel baby quilt – freehand custom – Superior Omni thread in yellow – batt unknown type.




Julie’s Autumn theme quilt – digital design Forest Floor from Hermione Agee – Superior Omni thread in Barley – Warm and White batt



And Fran’s drunkard’s path – digital design Dragonflies by Vicki Malaski – Superior Omni thread in purple – Hobbs 80/20 batt



Blustery day here in West Michigan. At least the leaves are gone :-)

Off the machine today…

Diane’s next quilt. The pattern is called Fade Out and can be found here.

I created the digital design in IQ using the geometrics file. I chose the serpentine line and modified it until I had a nice long, shallow wave.

Superior Omni thread in Harbor blue and Warm and White cotton batt.

This was essentially quilted twice. I loaded the quilt along the length which was 92″ and quilted the waves. Then I took it off and reloaded along the shorter (62″) width and quilted the lines to create the grid. I will add some recommendations below the photos.





1 – It can be difficult to find a point to realign to with just long smooth lines to work with. So take your time when you realign.  I have not yet updated to the newest IQ edition. I understand there is an added way to realign in that edition.

2- Your life with be much easier of you have a nicely pieced and pressed top to work with as I did. I can imagine pleating issues if there were any fullness with in the top.

3 – Use a flat batt. Again any puffiness with in the quilt sandwich could lead to problems with pleating  when you start quilting the crossing lines that create the grid. The batt used here was a Warm and White cotton.

4 – When you take the quilt off to turn it you want to check the sides you are loading and make sure they are straight. Mine were not so I trimmed them using an inner seam line as a guide for my ruler.



Out of town for the 2nd weekend in a row! Big stuff for me…I am SUCH a homebody.

Quilt of the week this week is Jean’s sunflower quilt – freehand quilting – hobbs 80/20 batt and Superior Omni threads in Pine and dark brown



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