Back to work…

Off the machine today…Janet’s patriotic quilt. Custom, freehand. Multiple Omni colors and Hobbs 80/20 batt



In other news – After my classes with Helen Baczynski I have decided that I need to spend real time with my IQ system. It is silly to use it only for e2e work when it can do so much more. I simply haven’t taken the time to learn. Because of my quilting schedule I have let that learning and exploring go. More than once during class someone would ask “What would happen if you….?” and Helen would smile and say ” I don’t know. Let’s try it!” And that is what I need to do. Sit down with my tablet every day and play. And in that spirit I have already created two new e2e designs of my own (sort of) using components that are already installed on my table.

I think the problem was that I didn’t try to do something new until I needed it for a specific quilt. That’s too much pressure. Playing around is the key. It’s time to give myself permission to take the TIME to play. :-)

Home from MQS…tired and my brain is full. All I am good for today is sorting laundry and napping :-)

Kathy’s watercolor quilt with Anita Shackleford’s modern waves design


Having a terrific time…my head is full of design ideas and colors…I have seen and hugged many quilty friends and quite a few blog readers!

Helen Baczinski’s classes have been great and I have one more tomorrow morning. Volunteered in Jamie Wallen’s class this morning. It was good to catch up with him…we’re such vastly different kinds of quilters. Maybe that is why we get along so well ;-)

I visited the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. Grand Wood (American Gothic painting) was from here so they had a pretty lovely exhibit…


Including his baby quilt…



And well…a Corncob chandelier because…Iowa :-)


So there won’t be many “on the machine today” pics this week.

Very excited! It has been several years since I have been to a big machine quilting show. I am even taking classes!

Sadly, one of my clients passed away over the weekend. Victorian Ladies was the latest top she brought me. Her talent will be missed.


Kay’s Bear Paw quilt – custom, freehand quilting


Started playing with my new sewing machine…I still need to get the proper insert for my sewing table, but I am making it work for now :-)

Kay’s bright bear paw quilt – freehand, custom quilting. Warm and White batting and Superior Omni thread in Willow, white and light pink



And my new toy…ordered from Lake Shore Sewing…this is a 350 SE which Bernina calls their patchwork edition. I seriously don’t do anything but make quilt tops and sew on bindings. I wanted a good sturdy machine without a ton of bells and whistles, but with a few little niceties in case I get a wild hair and want to zig-zag something or completely lose my mind and decide to mend or alter something…the 350 seemed to fit that bill. :-)

Can’t wait to unbox it!


Kathy’s panel quilt with Purple Meadow digital design by Karen Thompson and Patricia Ritter – warm and white batt – Superior Omni in Sandbar

DSCN0904 DSCN0906 DSCN0907

I’ve actually done 4 quilts so far this week, but two were meanders on t-shirt quilts and then other was a design you’ve seen a number of times on a scrap quilt…hard to photograph.

In other news – I purchased a new domestic sewing machine. My Elna is still working fine, but after 12 (or 13) years I thought it was time to replace it. I will need to find a new home for it after I get it cleaned and tuned up. I was planning to pick up my new machine after MQS next week, but I don’t know if I can hold out…I may just run over this afternoon ;-)


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