On the machine today…

Linda’s Pink and black quilt…Digital design – Ground Cover from Urban Elementz – White Omni thread.



Off the machine today…

Ruth’s Tulips…




On the machine today…

Ruth’s Tulips…freehand, custom…Hobbs 80/20 batt, Superior Omni and Bottom Line threads



On the machine today…

Ruth’s Sunbonnet Sue’s Attic Windows set…freehand, custom. Superior Omni, Bottom Line and Monopoly threads, Hobbs 80/20 batt




In other news – Snow, snow, snow! 12 inches in the last day or so. Very cold. Setting records left and right. I am not one to complain about winter, but after last year’s record setting weather…it’s just too early for this.



Our guild started a charity many years ago for the local hospital. We make baby quilts for all of the babies that need to stay in the neonatal unit at the hospital instead of going home. The proceeds of our quilt show also go to this charity to provide $, gas cards or food vouchers to parents that must travel to be with their babies as much a possible.

So when I post about doing a raffle quilt or two, this is what I do it for. :-) And yes, the journalist had the number of baby quilts correct 1300 a year approx. And yes, our guild members are amazing!

One of the local news stations did a story - http://www.wzzm13.co…story/19022363/

Annie’s Star quilt…custom, freehand quilting.




A few of blog posts ago I wrote about Pat’s daughters organizing a gallery show of her quilts. Maris and I went to the reception last night and it was wonderful! So many people! Many of whom didn’t know a thing about quilting, but loved and were fascinated by the quilts. Pat was just glowing. What a terrific event.

The Acorn where the reception was held. It was a cold, snowy night and that made the entrance look so much more inviting :-)



Pat and her handsome husband, Bruce in front of the first quilt I quilted for her




It was quite crowded when we got there. I had to wait until later in the night to be able to actually get the quilts in the picture!






Peaceful Cottage had the starring role at the front of the show.



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