Off the machine today…

Terry’s Double Wedding Ring quilt – Custom, freehand quilting…




…for Quilt of the Week. This is one of mine from 2009. Simple charm squares quilt with a freehand CC variation.



Quilts on the Grand 2014 is coming up fast! I will be spending the week in helping in the judging room (I get to be a scribe!) and at the quilt show. Hope to see lots of quilty friends there ;-)

On the machine today…

Terry’s Double Wedding Ring quilt…still have the large centers to do…


Yes, I have been working…lots of stuff has been interrupting, but I HAVE been quilting…here are some detail shots of Nancy’s Hanging Gardens quilt…freehand, custom quilting




Popping a nice big Double Wedding Ring on this morning :-)

On the machine today…

Nancy’s Asian themed Hanging Gardens quilt…this is a large one. Custom, freehand quilting…this one is going to be on a few days :-) Lucky for me it’s so pretty to look at!



In other news – my machine had a brain-burp today…all of a sudden the single stitch was behaving badly and the stitch regulator screen morphed into Encoder Data mode…?! A quick call to Accomplish Quilting and Jeff let me know that I needed to replace my single stitch button. Whoo- HOO! That’s a easy one…and I even have the part! (it pays to be prepared ;-) )

Unfortunately, the switch on my handle has lasted soooo long that it doesn’t WANT to be replaced…I could NOT get old button assembly out of the housing. It came apart rather than be completely separated from it’s beloved housing…grrrrrr. After another phone call to Jeff who let me know I could be firm rather than timid about it’s removal I began the attempt to wrest it from it’s seat…no luck…this must be a job for Chief Mechanic…who is of course, at his mild-mannered cover job…rats. I have quilting to do…a quick call to Nancy H for info prodded the thought of moving the back single stitch button to the front; housing and all. Brilliant! But will the machine run if there is no single stitch button plugged into the back handle? Only one way to find out…Success!

After Chief Mechanic returns to base he easily removed the old button from the housing and installs the new assembly into the back handle.  And all is well in Metropolis…er the studio again. Thanks, Chief Mechanic!

Quilt of the Week 9/14/14

From the Way Back Machine 2008 to be exact…I believe this is Susan’s quilt…freehand dbl feathers




Yeah…it’s been two weeks…the longest time I have been off my machine in 10 years so I thought I would spend part of today with some simple quilting.

This is one of two quilts for Fredrick Meijer Gardens – every year the docents at The Farm

at the Gardens do a quilt (or two)  with the children that visit over the summer and the bring them in for a simple meander before taking them back to The Farm for harvest celebration.




Chilly day here in West Michigan…very Fall-like. Makes me want to make an apple pie and a pot of chili :-)


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