Melanie’s wall hanging – freehand, custom quilting…



And Rolleen’s bright squares – digital design Random Clams from Urban Elementz


In other news – AQS Grand Rapids NEXT week! Very exciting! Great quilts! Vendors!! and quilty friends!!! I’ve been quilting my sox off so I can spend all the time I want at the show…white gloving every morning and exploring the rest of the day :-)

Melanie’s wall hanging for the Area Agency for Ageing…freehand custom, W&N batting


Marge’s Drunkard’s Path with digital design Trellis from Urban Elementz


Marge’s Drunkards Path or Rocky Road to Dublin if you prefer…look at all the terrific shirtings! Digital design – Trellis from Urban Elementz



Done Fishin’

Fran’s Fishing quilt off the machine – freehand and ruler work…

The pole and bait…








Gone fishin’ quilt

On the machine today is Fran’s fish quilt…loving the colors!


Odds and Ends…

First – Hocuspocusville is DONE…well, I have to add the sleeve and label it but essentially…note for the future – Hand sewing both edges of the rick rack while important to keep it from curling up, is tedious. I am glad I did it though and once I started using a larger needle it went much quicker. I started with my normal size 11 Between that I use for hand quilting and binding and moved to the larger size 9 Between.


It’s kind of a crummy picture. It was night time and the lighting in the studio isn’t the best for photography. The pic is taken after washing and damp drying. The marking I was worried about came out just fine and no bleeding of fabric or embroidery threads. I never have had a bleeding problem, but once I committed it to the quilt show I started to worry a little.

In other news – Summer has been flying by and out trip to Edinburgh, UK is rushing toward us. Our house sitter is scheduled and many of the tiny details for overseas adventures have been handled…a few left to do, but I am at the point of getting excited and making lists of the things we want to be sure to see and do while we are there.

Time to get into the studio…lots to do before I fly! :-)


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