Good mail day…

I received the Goodreads book that I won on National Quilting Day in the mail!!



I mean, how appropriate is that! For those of you not familiar with Goodreads it is sort of a “facebook” for readers and books…you can list books that you’ve read, books that you want to read, see what your friends are reading, get recommendations AND win books (often “readers” copies that you get before publication!) You can also rate and review books you have read.

The list of giveaways is long! All sorts of books; some signed by the author…it can take a  long time to page through them BUT I often do it while waiting for a client or after dinner when I just want to veg out on the couch. This is my 3rd win this year…if you are a reader, I highly recommend you look into Goodreads.

Tomorrow I should have a pic or two of the nativity quilt that I have been working on today… :-)

…in the studio today…Pat’s Christmas tree hanging…light custom quilting.



Pat’s Peacock quilt…digital design Moon Flower by Keryn Emmerson. Hobbs 80/20 batt, Permacore Power Purple thread…



Beautiful day here in West Michigan!! I had the windows open for a couple of hours this afternoon :-)


Big surprise…Donna’s NYB…as it is the only quilt I worked on last week…AND it’s a great quilt! ;-)



Donna’s NY Beauty…yes, it was on all week…yes, I just got it done and yes, I am a wimp 4 hours of ditching a day was all I could manage ;-)


In other news – Aubrey is home for a few days! …or I should say she is visiting for a few days because she has her own home now ;-) So I probably won’t get back to the machine until Monday…have a terrific weekend all!

Getting started…

…on Donna’s New York Beauty. This one is gonna be on a while ;-) Going all the way to the bottom with one thread color then working my way back up with the next color. It’s really a stunning quilt top. I hope to do it justice. :-)


Bette’s sweet and fresh pieced quilt…Exotic Vine digital design by Irene Steele of Timeless Quilting…



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